Mediheal Kiwi apple sheet mask

Mediheal kiwi apple mask
Mediheal kiwi apple sheet mask

Belle Femme View:
Tencel like sheet mask
Translucent essence
Mild apple scent

Claims clearing and pore care

Contains Vitamin C from kiwi and apple
Enriched with Aloe,Rose, and Matricaria flower extracts
Lots of essence
Hydrated plump skin

Contains parabens
No change in pore size

Beauty stars: 

Mediheal kiwi apple sheet mask
Mediheal kiwi apple mask

Would I repurchase/recommend: Mediheal kiwi apple sheet mask is surprisingly thick tencel sheet mask. Most tencel sheet mask are thick in nature. It has some 3d pattern drawn on it too. It was soft and comfortable to wear.
Now coming to the after effects of Mediheal Kiwi Apple mask, it really calmed my troubled skin. It stayed on wet for about 25 minutes. And I noticed a light subtle glow. Subtle glow wears off during the next day. But nothing like radiating skin brightening like other masks I have tried, which brighten the skin 2-3 days. Overall a good mask for everyday use.

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