Wisdom of weekend: Can lip balms cause dry lips?

The most common remedy to soothe dry lips is using a lip balm or chapstick on lips to soothe and protect them. But do you know some ingredients in lip balms may aggravate the dryness and lead to dire need to usage of lip balm daily !!
Some natural or artificial ingredients may not solve our dry lip problem instead make us addicted to usage of lip balm daily. If you find yourself wishing to apply lip balm more often or daily, skin doctors say its likely due to using ingredients that are drying/irritating or due to the formation of a habit. Lip balms with menthol give a cooling effect and thus users may become accustomed to that cooling, soothing sensation.
The signs that your lips show are tingling or itching sensation. Always remember never to ignore these signs and keep a tab on what lip balms or chapsticks you are using. Check out the harmful ingredients in lip balms before buying them.  Lets have a look at those ingredients:

1. Camphor: Gives a cooling sensation and relieves pain (anesthetize the lips) . Its the main cause of dryness for prolonged usage.

2. Alcohol (Phenol/Menthol): It provides soothing sensation however as you know alcohol strips the natural oils and hydration of skin and thus lead to irritation (Skin on the lips is very gentle and thin)

3. Paraben:  Its generally listed on lip balms as Methylparaben/Butylparaben/Propylparaben
/Ethylparaben/Parahydroxybenzoate. Its cancer causing and irritates lips.

4. Salicylic acid: Acid corrodes the skin mildly and exfoliates to remove the dry part. However the skin on lips is more sensitive than face and over usage of this may lead to skin irritation

5. Strong fragrance: Strong chemicals used in lip balms may make you feel fresh and moody. But string chemicals may ruin and darken the lips more. 

Look for these ingredients which are more calming and protecting

1. Beeswax:  Prevents dryness and soothes dry lips giving long lasting effect (due to its sticky and thick texture)

2. Cocoa butter: Fats in cocoa butter help to retain water and thus keep lips hydrated all day

3. Aloe extract: Anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties present on Aloe prove to be a big boon for lips

4. Honey/Glycerin: Softens and hydrates dry lips. Its sweet and sticky in taste too.

5. Green Sunscreen (Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide): Protects the lips from darkening and harmful effects of UV rays

6. Jojoba oil/Olive oil/Avocado oilNourishes and conditions lips in natural way.

Bonus tip:
1. When you feel the urge to apply lip balm (when your lip are not that dry) try replacing lip balm with something else like honey/pure aloe pulp and drink lots of water.
2. Medicated lip balm at your finger tips: Take a drop of Tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply on lips gently and it works wonders. Cooling and medicated sensation both :-)

Do feel the urge to use lip balms daily? Which lip balms cause troubles?
Share your thoughts here so that we all get enlightened from each other.


  1. A lot of the lipbalms that i have tryed did dry out my lips even more. I just like to use somethin natural especially when i go to bed like marigold ointment :)


  2. Great post dear..I never knew that lip balms can cause dry lips...thx a lot for sharing such an important information dear..:-)

  3. Oh WOW! This is definitely something to think about. I've tried so many and know exactly what you're talking about.

  4. This is interesting... I always figured my lips have become so used to always having lip balm applied that without it they become superdry because they've unlearned how to keep themselves hydrated.

  5. Never knew this. Thanks for sharing

  6. This is really good to know! At least, from now on, I will be looking for those natural ingredients every time I buy a lip balm.

  7. I think it is vital to use the correct type of lip balm!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Love the tips dear. Am surely trying. Excellent review.

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  9. Thanks for the brilliant post!!Very informative and interesting.


  10. Awesome post! I tend to stay away from lip balms that contain petroleum as petroleum does not moisturize and can cause drying.

    Keisha xo

  11. Great post! I am going to go check all my balms now!

  12. Very helpful post! I love everything u posted! Seems very informative!


  13. i tell this to all of my friends with chapped lips. they don't believe me!

  14. What an interesting post! This is why I stopped using Carmex, it contains salicylic acid and menthol so in the long run it doesn't do your lips any good. I've started using more natural lip balms now, they are a bit more expensive but they are worth it.

  15. This was really interesting thank you! I'm a big fan of Burts Bees lip wax and palmers coco butter so pleased to see these on the "good" list!


  16. This totally makes sense! And I found Vaseline to be the worst offender, so I use Burts Bees now! Loved this post! Really love your blog too! :) x



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