Back to school manicure

back to school nail art
Back to school nails

Hello my lovely friends. Hope you are enjoying your week.
School days are the best days of life. Isn't it :-)
Quick post in mid of the week. Here I am sharing my back to school manicure.
Ring finger is hand drawn. All others are stamped with stamping polish.

back to school nails
Back to school manicure
I hope you liked these back to school nails.
Also visit my previous back to school nails when I was a noobie.
 Now it seems we have come a long way. Haha.
Have fun !


  1. Nice back to school nails. The chalkboard design is cool.

  2. Oh this design is so cute!
    Now I want paint my nails

  3. Very cute and apt


  4. Very beautiful and what a lovely blog you have! :)



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