Mask of the Month - Easy Brightening mask DIY

Hello beauties. Today I want to share my Brightening mask which I have been trying out for 2 months which gave me amazing results. My friends asked me what I was using on my skin (Oily skin) . I told them about this mask. They tried it (dry and normal skin types) and it worked for them as well. Hope you try it and spread the secret of bright glow. Enjoy !
(Note: Please use your own discretion and do a patch test while following any advises because everyone's skin if different)

Ingredients :
Organic rice powder 1 teaspoon

Organic turmeric powder 1 small pinch

Lemon juice 6 drops + Water 1 tablespoon

Organic Strawberry (1 medium size) pulp

Natural Aloe pulp/juice 1 teaspoon

Steps :
Add all the ingredients in a bowl. 
Mix well to get a paste kind of consistency

Clean you face of any makeup/dirt. Apply it on your face.

Remove it after 10-15 minutes with wet cotton/tissue.
(You can now see the subtle glow on face)
Finish off the routine with your regular moisturizer if needed.

For best results :
1. Use it twice a week only.
2. Night time is the best to apply this because you wont have to apply sunscreen or makeup after this and let your skin benefit from the mask. Let it relax :-)
3. If applying day time skip the lemon as it makes skin sensitive to sun for 6 hours at least. Also use a natural toner after removing the mask because turmeric still remains on skin. (Skin may look a little yellow) See my cotton swab.

I started seeing radiant glow on my skin within 2 months. Everyone's skin and lifestyle is different so some girls may see the results in 1 month itself or may take upto 3 months. 

I hope that this mask benefits you all too.  I would love to know your thoughts and how did this mask help your skin?


  1. sounds awesome!! great post and tips :)

  2. I have to try this out soon I have all the ingredients thanks for sharing babe!

  3. Sounds amazing :) xx

  4. Sounds good and refreshening for the skin :)
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  5. I really love the idea of totally natural skin care. This mask sounds great! X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. What a nice DIY, it almost looks and sounds like a normal food recipe :-D

  7. I used to add turmeric to yogurt for a homemade mask! I did it prior to taking a shower as well, because otherwise it'd be such a mess to wash off! Never tried strawberry tho! I'd be too tempted to just eat it ;)

  8. Great recipe...I love DIY beauty products!

    Keisha xo

  9. Have to archive this recipe to try it sound amazing. Thanks

  10. So good recipe!!!
    Thank you for sharing sweetie
    Have a nice day
    The Indian Savage Diary

  11. Nice recipe - very helpful!
    Thx for sharing..:-)

  12. thats an amaizng recipe.. I have used strawberries alone as mask and they were awesum!! :)

  13. Nice recipe!
    Julie |

  14. mh wanna try!!! giulia

  15. Great tip, might give it a go.
    Have a lovely day!
    Dusana :-)

  16. Great recipe!
    Turmeric powder can be used daily, too, to fade away acne scars.

  17. Wow...awesome DIY dear...thx for sharing...:-)

  18. i nominated you for the liebster award :) check out my post for details :

  19. Great recipe mask! I wish i had aloe vera sources here! When i was still living in asia, i used them as hair mask which it worked so so well! Anyway great post!

  20. this looks like an awesome recipe!!! i went to a product show a couple of days ago and they wre selling exfoliatants for quite a high price but it actually only had three ingredients in it. it even said so on the why pay $40 ...when i can make it at home...
    A Beautiful Zen

  21. i love DIY beauty recipes! i would definitely try this. thanks!

  22. have a nice day doll :) xx

  23. I have to try it, very easy to make too!! Just found your blog, would you like to follow each other? Please let us know
    a beautiful maison

    1. Thank you doll for visiting my blog :-)

  24. wow! That looks like a lovely DIY Babe :)
    I would love to try it nd I loved your clicks nd the frames surrounding it...



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