Wisdom of weekend: Add radiance and youth with Accupressure

Today I will discuss how to maintain your young bright skin for lifetime with the Chinese treatment technique called Acupressure. If these massages are regularly done correctly it gives remarkable benefits at no extra cost. Many of you have seen how face massage is very vital in any professional beauty facial/treatment. Facial massage is just like keep your facial muscles and skin active like you keep your other body parts active by jogging and sports etc.
(Note: Please use your own discrimination while following any advises because everyone's skin if different)

What is facial acupressure technique?
Acupressure is a Chinese finger massage treatment that improves overall well-being and enhances beauty by balancing the life energy which flows through the body. It has been applied for centuries to relax facial muscles and firm them up. It aims to increase blood circulation and hence improves the appearance of fine lines adding a beautiful glow to the skin.

What are its benefits ?
=> It increases blood circulation which helps to give you a bright youthful glow
=> It firms and tightens skin and maintains its natural tone
=> It boosts collagen production in muscle fibers which reduces the effect of ageing
=> It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin giving a healthy radiance
=> Its just a 15 minutes of daily massage at no extra cost for healthy and luminous skin

The 15 minute therapy 
Be careful to do these steps correctly and protect your skin from your nails which are pressing the pressure points
Guide:- Pressure points are marked with "Pink Star" in the images below .

Step 1: Cleanse your skin and hands:  Sanitize your hands and remove all the makeup and creams from the skin. Best time to do is at night when you are relaxed and it will also help you sleep better.
Step 2: Stimulate the Pituitary gland (Master of all glands): Warm up your hands by rubbing and apply gentle pressure on the little T space where bridge of the nose meets center forehead between the eyes.
Do this massage for 5 mins with your thumbs/lower palm gently.

Step 2: Stimulate the Thyroid gland (Adds glow to the skin): Warm up your hands by rubbing and apply gentle pressure on the area below your ear lobe and behind your jaw bone. This helps to balance the thyroid gland which rejuvenates the skin by improving blood circulation and clears blockages.
Do this massage for 5 mins with your fingers gently.

Step 3: Stimulate the overall beauty (Overall face massage):
(A) First press inside brow near bridge of nose.

(B) Then press your temples on both sides.

(C) Place one finger on bottom of eye socket and and another on bottom of cheek bone. They are about inch apart. Best way to do is to use middle finger for bottom of eye socket and simultaneously press ring finger on bottom of cheek bone. Remember to do it for both left and right cheeks.

(D) At last press the points next to two nostrils

Repeat the steps (A-B-C-D) 2 times at least for a complete 5 minute overall face massage.

Glowing skin is now on your finger tips. Isn't it ?  :-)
Have you tried any massages this weekend ?
I would love to hear your experiences.


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