Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal paper mask

yes to charcoal mask
Yes to tomatoes Charcoal paper mask

Belle Femme View:
Soft paper sheet mask
Transparent essence
Mild sweet scent

Detoxify and clear pores

Contains water melon and green tea (Refreshing) 
Enriched with aloe and witch hazel (Calming)
Also contains Tomato and ginger (Skin clarifying)
Lots of essence
Hydrated  skin

String tingling sensation might bother sensative skin
No pore clearing or shrinking effect

Beauty stars: 

yes to tomatoes sheet mask
Yes to tomatoes charcoal sheet mask

Would I repurchase/recommend: Yes to Tomatoes charcoal sheet mask seems a very interesting black mask. It was soft and comfortable to wear on skin by texture. Now coming to the after effects of Yes to charcoal paper sheet mask , as soon I applied it I had a tingling sensation on skin. It was very strong. (the packet instructions mention the tingling sensation) It did not go away even after 15 minutes. I assumed it will be effective due to the funny feeling I was having constantly on my face. It was a big disappointment. It  hydrated my skin a little bit, but no visible effects on skin clarity or pores. Overall a disappointing mask.

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Have you tried any Yes to Tomatoes masks?  I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Nice review! I've never tried a black sheet mask like this too.

  2. Well this looks like a big dissapointing product. Thanks for be honest like always



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