Etude House 2.0 Air Therapy Mask: Manuka honey

Etude house sheet mask mauka honey
Etude house air therapy mask mauka honey

Belle Femme View:
Thin translucent cottony air sheet mask
White milky emulsion essence
Lovely scent

Etude house air therapy sheet mask Manuka honey


Claims rich nutrition + moisture effect


Enriched with Orange , lavender and lemon oil
Contains licorice extracts, ceramide
Lots of essence
Hydrated plump skin


Beauty stars: 
Price: $18 for 15 sheet mask pack (Approx)

Etude house air therapy sheet mask Manuka honey

Would I repurchase/recommend: Etude house 2.0 air therapy mask is one of the new launches from Etude house. It has most luxurious comfortable feeling ever. It has dreamy application that you can't even feel that you are wearing a mask.Etude house 2.0 air therapy mask Manuka honey has very soothing scent. It really moisturized my skin and was very calming to use. Etude house 2.0 air therapy mask  is surely one of the best masks I have tried so far.

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Have you tried any
Etude house 2.0 air therapy masks?  I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful mask.

  2. Great review on this face mask!

  3. would love to try it

  4. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!



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