Illi Lotus moisture sheet mask

Illi moisture sheet mask
Illi moisture sheet mask Lotus

Belle Femme View:
Medium thick paper mask
Great cuts on mask for fitting
Mild floral scent


Claims moisture and hydration


Enriched with Ginseng and mushroom extracts
Contains Lotus and bamboo extracts
Hydrated skin 

Lack of essence
Sheet uncomfortable on application
(I prefer soft cotton mesh masks)

Beauty stars: 
Price: $17 for 10 sheet mask pack (Approx)

Would I repurchase/recommend: Illi Lotus moisture sheet mask was really hydrating for skin. But other than this, it had no extra or long lasting effect. It stayed wet for very less time 20 minutes and had less essence too. I had high hopes for Illi sheet masks seeing the hype everywhere. Its is very pricey but gives almost same effect as average korean roadshop masks. Overall a very average sheet mask. I will not repurchase it. For the look of the sheet mask fit head over to my instagram. Sorry I have been super busy lately and could not click sheet mask only photo.

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Have you tried any Illi sheet masks?  I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Such a great price for the mask.

  2. Great review on this sheet mask.

  3. Awe man, it's a shame it didn't turn out well. I've seen these all over instagram. I've been super tempted to purchase. But looks like I'll just keep looking. Good review!

  4. I so love this. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. aw that's too bad! my fave masks are from Tony Moly and Leaders in Solution Korea :)

  6. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!



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