Lululun Sheet Mask Whitening Type

Lululun Mask Whitening
Lululun Sheet Mask Whitening Type

Belle Femme View:
Very thin white paper mask
No strong scent
Less cuts on mask for fitting

Claims whitening on skin

Enriched with Ginseng and white mulberry extract
Contains king cherry, yeast and royal jelly extract
One of the cheapest sheet mask

Not a good fitting mask
Quickly dried out in 15 minutes
Poor hydration, hardly any essence
No whitening effect

Beauty stars: 

Price: $7 for 7 sheet mask pack

Lululun Sheet Mask Whitening
Lululun Sheet Mask

Would I repurchase/recommend:  This was my first time that I was trying Japanese sheet mask. So to start off with Lululun sheet masks final opinion, application wise it was a very bad fit. No hydration at all and for effect you know whats the outcome if there is so little product. :-)
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Have you tried Lululun sheet mask ? Or any Japanese sheet masks ? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Replies
    1. It was a bad fit and low on hydration for me. It might work for you as everyone's skin is different. :-)

  2. too bad this didn't work! I suggest Leaders or tony moly masks :) I love what they do for my skin <3

    1. Thanks sweetie . I will check them out. :-)

  3. Beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  4. I love Lululunn sheet masks! They are so hydrating!!

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    1. Good to hear that they work for you. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)



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