Peripera cushion lips - review

Peripera lip
Peripera cushion lips review
Belle Femme View:
Matte Orchid/ pink purple color
Non sticky and does not bleed
Full coverage in two swipes
No strong fragrance
Sponge tip applicator
Tube packaging 

Peripera lip
Peripera cushion lip tube
Enriched with shea butter
Highly pigmented and leaves a stain
Flattering on all skin tones
Beautiful matte lips
Versatile color range (8)
True to color
Long lasting
Budget Buy

Can show dry patches ( if on dry lips)

Wear time:  6-7 hours

Shade: Pk 05 (Bubble love)

Beauty Stars: 4.5/5

Price(varies): 9-14 USD
Peripera lip
Peripera cushion lip swatch

Would I repurchase/recommend : Yes. I loved the unique color of Peripra cushion lipstick / lipstain.
Its very long lasting and non drying for my lips.

Product description from Seller's website: 
For vivid & distinguished color
Release small amount of peri's cushion lips and evenly spread on lips

For smooth gradiation
Apply peri's cushion lips after removing dead skin cells on lips by using lips balms

Where to buy:
Asian beauty supplies.

Have you tried any of these Lip products? Which is your favorite one? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. never try this product before. I bet I would like it since it not sticky.

  2. Sounds nice and the color is pretty.

  3. The color is very nice, I like the fact it doesn´t dry the lips.

  4. I very seldom wear anything matte or any lip stains, but I do like how this looks on you!

  5. It's a lovely colour! That's a great wear time for a lip product too.

    Corinne x

  6. I enjoy sporting a matte lip! This shade is really pretty!

    Keisha xo

  7. Great review. I love that ti has shea butter.

  8. Wow, that is such a soft and romantic shade!
    It works well in the Winter and Spring, too.



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