Wisdom of weekend: Sudden breakouts ?

Hello beauties. We all follow proper skin care regimen and take very good care of our skin with the advanced products and knowledge we have from media. Sometimes even after taking that complete skin care sometimes sudden skin reactions occur which worries us. Today I will share information on one of the sudden skin reactions: Breakouts/Acne on nourished and good skin. Lets dive deep into what could be the cause of those sudden breakouts and how to avoid them.
(Note: Please use your own discretion and do a patch test while following any advises because everyone's skin if different)

1. Pillowcases

We often take care of bed sheets but ignore our pillow cases. Sometimes they fall on floor, stepped on or not washed for many days. This leads to accumulation of dirt and bacteria in them which is the main cause of breakouts.
Solution: Change your pillow cases every week. Wash your pillow cases if they have fallen or stepped on.

2. Single cleansing

We sometime get ignorant and use makeup remover wipes or cleansers to remove dirt and makeup and assume that our skin has got rid of all mess. Makeup products are made to be long lasting and dirt can blend with skin's oils are become tough to remove. Here is where "Double cleansing" come in role. Clean your face with makeup remover wipes / cleanser first. Then wash your face with deep pore cleanser and lastly apply a deep cleansing toner/astringent. You will surely see some makeup tidbits or dirt which was not removed by washing or wiping off your makeup.
Solution: Double cleanse your face after using makeup remover by washing your face with deep cleansing face wash and apply toner at last with cotton for that complete makeup removal. Also always sanitize your hands before beginning cleansing.

3. Towels

We generally use one face towel too often or share towels. Do you know skin is the most permeable and sensitive after washing. Exchange of towels can lead to exchange of skin problems or skin allergies to some creams (which other person may not be allergic to). This leads to skin irritation and inflammation which may lead to breakouts.
Solution: Keep your face towels (cloth) separate. Paper/Facial towels are the best as they are use and throw.Change your cloth towels twice a week.

4. Cell phones

I totally agree that usage of cell phones and long talks on mobile phones cannot be avoided. However during spring and summer months when body sweats a lot. Continuous touch of hot phone on skin produces more  sweat and leads to infections and breakouts. I will not say to avoid long phone calls but have three simple solutions for it.
Solution: Use headphones while long talks. Always keep your phone surface clean ( You can use a little lens cleanser liquid with Q tip for anti bacterial properties which is safe for delicate surfaces). Switch between left and right side after few minutes so that one side of your skin gets relief from heat.

5. Some secondary causes
Here are some minor causes which may also lead to breakouts. This is generally known by all and there are simple ways to be avoid it
1. Unclean makeup brushes: Clean your makeup brushes after every use and let them dry completely before packing them back.
2. Use of new makeup/skin products: Always do patch test to check your skin's reactions. Start the use of product gradually if patch test goes smooth. Do not play with your skin and read ingredients properly before purchasing the products. Like Parabens and Silicones are not good for skin. They are cancer causing. Also do not forget to note the date of expiry.
3. Watch what you eat: Eat healthy and fresh food. Your skin may be allergic to some foods and skin may begin to react. Be careful specially with frozen foods and check the preservatives in ready-to-eat foods.
4. Touching your face without sanitizing your hands: Avoid touching your face too often. Use sanitizer/anti bacterial wash on hands before touching your face. Keep your surroundings clean.
5. Hormonal problems: Have a active lifestyle and eat healthy. See a doctor if hormonal acne doesn't go away with healthy lifestyle.

Stay Happy and live healthy :-)
Do you have sudden breakouts? Have you corrected them? Share your thoughts here so that we all get enlightened from each other.


  1. These are great tips! I think we all need reminders to clean our makeup brushes more often! It makes such a difference!


  2. These are great tips. I need to clean my makeup brush.

  3. Brilliant post i always remove my makeup with make up remover and pads, then use special wipes before washing with a deep cleaning cleanser which i use daily and then a spray for over night it works wonders but i always lacked in drinking loads of water since doing that my skin is less puffy and cleaner.

    Plus i never touch my face, it is harder to do than you think but since doing it 90% of the time im noticing less breakouts :D

    You should check out my latest entry there is a brilliant deal on 11 nail polishes +3 free gifts and pretty cheap too plus there nail strips.... OMO lol :)


  4. Awesome post! I never thought of cell phone use causing breakouts...I've learned something new today!
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Keisha xo

  5. i did a video like this--gotta love tips!

  6. I agree with everything. Great post!



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